Declan’s Birth Story

"How's your vagina?" - Beth Yeah, this feels like a good place to start. It's a legitimate question from your friend after having given birth to a nine pound two ounce, twenty-one-inch long baby boy. And after having it done unmedicated (as planned), I would ask the same, unfiltered question as well. Leading up to… Continue reading Declan’s Birth Story


To the Good Dudes

High school, for me, was kind of a blur. Specifically, my junior and senior years were full of finding the next best party to attend with everyone. We usually ended up at the same, broken down places, but it was always the same crowd. Within that crowd, like any movie cliche, we had college guys… Continue reading To the Good Dudes

What does Religious Freedom/Liberty Mean For Us Today?

Until recently, my understanding and curiosity of religious freedom/liberty (they’re used interchangeably, yes?) was nothing more than a few eyebrow raises and lines of “Hmm, strange.” But then I found myself on a phone call with a well-informed woman who knew her history. She broke down the history of religious freedom/liberty in the US, and… Continue reading What does Religious Freedom/Liberty Mean For Us Today?