>My dive into the deep end.

>I was cruising Xanga, the old school form of blogging, and I came to the conclusion of: Dang, I used to be cool. Cool meaning that I’d write down my every thought, without a care of what others impending judgement might be. You thought I meant that my personality, my aura was cool? Never. I’m not one of those people that seem to have a light beaming around them, labeled “I’m neat, hang out with me!” Sorry, sidetracked and irrelevant…

Anyway, I’ve decided to give this Blogger.com a shot. I figured that, maybe, there are some out there who are willing to read whatever I would write and make comments; I also figured it would really jump start my writing and love for journalism. My choice of topics will range from various subjects, like: Faith, Politics (duh), and Random events that may occur to me throughout my life span.

I’ve left the comments open to the public and I’d love feedback. Hate it or love it, whatever your preference (but I’d prefer love).

I guess we’ll see how this goes….

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