>Badda Bing.

>Great news!

I attempted the ever so clever myth of “drying the phone out after it is drowned out”. I woke up this morning, quite hopeless, and plugged that little battery in AND was then told to “Insert SIM card”… you cannot imagine my excitement. Before this, it would do a crazy blinking deal.

But! There’s always a but. Unfortunately, my brother had ordered lemonade and now my keys have chosen to play sticky. I press down, I get #-0-13, or something along those lines. I guess I could either A. Hope this clears or B. Slap Daniel for not getting water or C. Hope this clears.


I’m also really upset with my computer. I have unnecessary pop-ups on my computer, and when I say unnecessary I mean things like “Yellowbook Wants You!” I’m sorry, what could Yellowbook want from me? It already has my address and phone number.

Anyway, I have to get ready to thank God for semi-fixing my phone and then I’ll be hanging out with the Terrinator. Or Terri. I should stop adding ‘nator‘ after everything.

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