>Really? That’s the only word that comes to mind when I reflect on this entire day.

I had one of those days where you only wish you could press rewind and start over. I don’t mean to make it sound like the apocalypse happened or anything, but it was just a really REALLY uncalled for day.

It began with plumbing problems in my bathroom, and how it sounds like the Titanic is taking off in five minutes. The noise just happens to direct right into my room. I figured my first yell of “STOP!” to my brothers would crawl across as a fair warning. It didn’t. They did it two more times and my toes were itching to stomp and be angry… but, I was too tired. On top of that, the dogs were barking and acting like animals… I mean, really?

I got up about an hour later, hoping to ease into my day with a little bit more grace. I decided to take full advantage of the Florida sun and the nice breeze. As I descended downstairs to start my time of laying out, I hear my brothers out in the back, just scurrying and being loud. Not peaceful. At this point, you may think I am 86 years old and sensitive, but that is not the case. I work Monday through Friday, 9-4 and go to school Monday through Thursday. Saturday’s are my “luxury” days. My brothers were messing with my “luxury” day.

I laid out for about an hour and a half, once the brotherkins decided to quiet down. I figured I would wash my car afterwards. In the middle of that, my brother decided to wash my dad’s. Leaving me to now share the hose, my water bucket and last bit of patience.

I ended up finishing with patience left and then hustled off to get my eyebrows waxed by a nice Asian lady, who, by the way, did a fannnnfreakingtastic job on those things. I decided then to go to Michael’s (yes, the arts and crafts store) to buy something to paint, since that calms me a whole lotta. I got what I needed and came across the funkiest thing in the store; a bag that read “I Only Date Boys Who Recycle.” I stood there for too long and contemplated laughing very loudly or shoving them somewhere – before a young girl, who doesn’t shave her armpits (she’s hoping to make a difference to the Earth) could purchase this thing. Instead, I opted to tell Josh about that. I like taking notes in my head of the funnies I come across throughout my day.

I guess I’ll get to my ‘REALLY?!’ part already, since you’re bored stiff less… or maybe no one is reading this…

Wendy’s. The time is, wait… who cares? I pull up to the window and the young girl hands me my drink, with condensation screaming and slip… everywhere. All over my lap, ice cubes in crevasses that would make Paris Hilton think. I didn’t even move for like six seconds. Oh, then I realized my phone was then swimming with the ice. Bye bye, my beautiful, plum LG phone. Life really was good to you. Now I am back to my crap phone. This thing has been my fall back phone one, two, and now three times.

That’s that. I didn’t say anything. Either way… Really?

I wish Josh were here to comfort me… he probably would have laughed at me though. ‘Least he’d be there. SIGH!

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