>Bye Bye, Birdie.


When I get a free moment at work, I am usually cruising the web. Typically, I will start with the important things, such as the news or Facebook and then mosey on over to TMZ.com, and I always leave feeling slightly pathetic. Did I really need to know that Amy Winehouse got arrested again? Or that Lindsay Lohan is back in rehab? However, I do wonder if Amy and Lindsay have ever crossed paths; maybe shared a room in rehab, and if so, what went down?
See, there’s the pathetic part.
What I’m really trying to get at is the insightful ‘article’ I came across yesterday.

TMZ reported: “The handwritten poem — which is part of the massive Elvis auction going on at gottahaverockandroll.com — is called “Ode to a Robin,” and was sometimes recited by Elvis on stage and at one point was used as the answering machine message at his home.”

Hilarious. Am I right or am I right? I know. America now has a slight, detailed look into what was going on inside Elvis’ very warped mind. He was more than macabre. There should be a club for morbid poets. Nevermind, I’m sure there is. Given that, I have a strong suggestion for those clubs: officially dub Elvis the Shakespeare to their genre of poetry. It only seems logical. Anyone who can write about a Robin, being heinously murdered on a window sill, has my vote.

At least the bird received a shared moment with ‘the king’ and his shaky leg before having a window slammed onto its little body. With that, he really ain’t nothin‘ but a bird killer.

1 thought on “>Bye Bye, Birdie.”

  1. >So, I’m reading your article….looking out my office window (with happy thoughts)…and really getting into the peacefulness of the poem and then BAM! Shit! LOLIs it creepy that I’m the top bidder for the Elvis Jail House Rock Pants!?!?!?! I think it is!

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