>Flames and Creeps.

>I’m alive, Blogger!

No one cares.

Either way, I haven’t felt very “bloggy lately. My attempt in finding my pictures throughout the week left me performing an act that was close to ‘The Creep Line’. I’m still not sure if I should share the story, because, really, it was creepy. Okay, fine… I know your curiosity has been piqued and there’s a possibility, if asked, you may even shimmy for this story.

I was minding my own business and driving on Saturday, attempting to waste time before meeting up with a friend (I have friends!) when I saw this giant cloud of smoke. My initial reaction was “Must be a fire!” Duh. But, the bigger and higher the smoke grew, my inquisitiveness grew. I ended up forgetting about it six seconds later (I’m easily distracted) but, then I heard the sirens from the firetruck and saw the zooming of red go by me. Then… I pulled a U-turn and followed it! I want to say I subconsciously did this, but in all reality, I was just truly bored…. and really nosey. I even reasoned with myself! My thoughts on the matter were – “I never do this, why not?”. That’s probably what Ozzy said about doing hard drugs for the first time, too. Anyway, what I saw was a burning house and tons of on-lookers. When I made the other U-turn to get myself back to reality, I was then stuck in a massive amount of traffic.

My lesson learned: Do not be creepy and follow firetrucks.

So, that was that. I did end up getting other pictures that I thought were totally random, and I’ll end up posting them later. I’m at my schools library right now, kind of wondering why I’m not home on my own computer. I guess this is the only place where I will not be easily distracted by… sorry, just checked my e-mail… anyway, I’ll blog my pictures in a bit!

3 thoughts on “>Flames and Creeps.”

  1. >Clever title…I thought you were describing Alison’s fans at first! (Just kidding RosenFans, if you troll here). You should have embellished the fire truck stalking story…like you ran up to the fire and pulled “Old Farts” from the house or something!I don’t get the whole “getting other pictures” part!?!?!? Are you a photo journalist?

  2. >Oh, no! If you look back on a previous blog, I posted that I was going to take pictures of random things throughout my week and blog about them on Sunday’s. Yay!

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