>Enjoy my enjoyments. Or else.

>Things I thoroughly enjoy:

1. Driving through my neighborhood and coming across those ancient old men who are doing their lawns, when, suddenly, they look up and it’s really an ancient old woman.

2. The smell of my car. Thank you, Bath & Body Works car scents. You just don’t understand my utter gratitude when opening my car door.

3. The act of slamming the phone and throwing a pen. It seems to be a little relieving at the work place.

4. Florida’s snowbirds. They appear every single Winter and hog up every lane on my drive home. You may ask how I get enjoyment out of this. I don’t. This is the one thing on my list that really irks me.

5. These Pop Tarts I’m eating. Yum.

6. The buy one-get-one sale that happens almost everyday at Publix. It completes me, and helps with my wallet.

I’m pretty sure that’s it for right now. Now I feel a little sick from this Pop Tart. I take back number five. Bring on the Putt Putt!

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