>Please put your seat and tray in the upright position.

>Something smells! I think it is possibly the time and how it is going by so quickly. Yes, time travel smells when its put into fast forward. Does anyone else notice this?

Typically, I have a horrible memory and I cannot remember what I did an hour ago, but lately I feel that time is moving so fast that I can remember what I did weeks ago. Example: Today is Friday… but it was JUST Friday!

Am I making sense here?

Time is moving at a very fast rate, and I’m almost antsy to say that I’m scared. There could also be a very logical explanation to all of this madness. This explanation comes in one color, and many shades – Coffee. Maybe I’ve been drinking too much coffee lately? Are my fingers moving so fast right now that I can’t even see them? Is my mind traveling at warp speed? Maybe everyone isn’t experiencing this. Maybe… it’s only me.

I’m alone!

Neh. The reality of it all is that we’re all in a warp zone. I’m no longer going to assume this, I’ll just state it. We’re flyin‘ with time, people. Don’t forget your fanny pack.

1 thought on “>Please put your seat and tray in the upright position.”

  1. >Why is it when something going on is boring or lousy that time goes by soooooooooooo slow! Then when I’m having fun or don’t want something to end….my seat and tray are placed in the upright position!?!?!?! I refuse to wear a fanny pack though!

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