>"What else can I show you!?"


So, I’ve been waiting throughout my week for something worth while in the laughter jar. And alas! Last night the laughter jar was filled.
Chelsea and I decided to go watch Pray for Hotness perform at Neptunes (you know, that place where the young, hippie, obviously confused, girls go to find their ‘scene’ boy soulmate?) where it was only ‘LL Steezy‘ performing by his lonesome. Aaron opted to just be a supporter. Anyway, then it was followed by like a 50 hour dinner at Chili’s with Chelsea when Aaron decided that he wanted to hang out with us. I mean, duh, we are quite the entertainment. I will now share my night through the pictures that only captured my moments. Sometimes I wish pictures came with sound… but they don’t, so I will rummage my mind for what I think was said to try to share the humor.
This is what happens when Aaron decides to share his closet with us. Sweet tassels.
Aaron admitted that he once tried to dabble in pottery. This was supposed to be a woman, that ended up looking too much like a man, so he became a farmer? I only had one question.
Why in the world is his mouth open like that?

Oh… you never purchased Hulk Hogan’s CD? Classic.

Count how many mullets are in this picture.

“So you know those 25 cent machines at WalMart? You know the Homies one? I collected those… $200 dollars worth…”

This was probably my favorite.

Well, by the end of the night, I knew that I had never met someone with such a random childhood. I was also very impressed with Chelsea’s eagle eye – she spotted Osama in more than one country. Oh, and I’m also going to be in Texas on the 15th for nearly a week. Youdonotunderstandmyexcitement. I really just hope my boyfriend feels the same….

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