>Boob tube.

>In the world of television, there is so much that one can get rapt up in. There’s the reality T.V. shows, the cooking shows, the numerous one guy, one girl duo cop shows and many more dreadful shows (see: MTV), but my number one favorite T.V. channel, besides the news, would definitely have to be…


I am totally, undoubtedly in lurve with HGTV. I do not know what it is. Maybe it’s the “Color Splash” host and his talent of really designing a room into a mini-palace of vibrant colors and giving the right touch to a once dull room. It could also be the possibility that I become somewhat hypnotized in young and old couples looking to purchase their first house, or just looking to move. I literally get drawn in to the houses with these couples. I start thinking what I would do to the house, and what I would pay. You call it creepy, I call it exciting.

Either way, I’m just really happy I am not watching a show where the ‘contestant’ hops off of a bus, has a box of things appear by the side of their face, listing what he or she likes to do in their spare time, like eating spaghetti through their nose, and is then told to get back onto the bus by one single word thrown in their direction – “Next”. Talk about failing at life on national television.

Really, I just would love to be on HGTV. Either as a person getting their house touched up, or a host, a designer, a camera operator… even doughnut girl. Anything.

3 thoughts on “>Boob tube.”

  1. >Isn’t the color splash show have that Asian guy who hosts!?!?! Yeah, I’ve seen him do some cool stuff with kitchens and bedrooms….He gave me a great idea for a beaded-glass back splash….thank you HGTV guy!My only issue….they make everything look to easy and seemingly inexpensive to pull off! Painting = Suxors

  2. >Ted! Well, I actually attempt to try and be creative on my own, and it actually works out quite well! Michael’s Art and Craft store helps out with that. They provide such cheap crap that’s easy to paint and doodle with. But keep in mind the keyword: attempt.

  3. >oh, i used to get so sucked into marathons of those ones where they buy a fixer-upper for cheap and transform into something awesome so they can make a profit, and they were like mini-documentaries about people from all walks of life with different reasons to transform something–some greedy, some hopeful, some actually altruistic…or maybe i was just trying to rationalize watching hours and hours of tv. it sucks you in!

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