>Weekend Warrior.

>No, I’m not a weekend warrior. I only wish I was. But, I did do somethings over the weekend that excited my little bones.

I went to the beach and I went to a comedy club!
Oh, just look at us! Ashley and I, with Terri’s terrorizing skills of managing to get free tickets, went to see Thea Vidale do her comedic stand up, and it was hilarious! Did I mention front row, too? Well, I should and will again.

And the beach was like the whipped cream to my Cheesecake (no?). I haven’t been to the beach since I started working an “actual” job, the law firm, and working 9-4, with class following afterwards. So, my days of trying to become the darkest in all of Florida died. I did get to rekindle the flame on Saturday though. That flame just happened to ignite my entire body while laying on Clearwater beach. I got tingly! Maybe, it was my body saying how much it missed the sun? Or how badly I will regret that? All I know is that sun rhymes with fun, and I have a nice tan…

Anyway, I’m in the library at school at the moment. I wanted to blog, and work was insanely busy (I actually had to work) so I’m squeezing this in before my sun-kissed skin and I have to sit in my class with my poodle of a professor. Seriously, she has poodle-like hair. She’s sweet, though. But that doesn’t change her poodley hair.

3 thoughts on “>Weekend Warrior.”

  1. >OMG! I’m so color blind and somewhat farsighted…I never realized you were a black woman! Is Thea the cute girl on the left or right of you? I’m feeling very culturally diverse now!

  2. >Totally! If the blog had been called “Large and in-charge Unhinged Thoughts” then I would have realized!Okay, I had my vision problems corrected yesterday with a quick surgery! Now, I realize that Thea was the one in the middle! Sounds like you had a good time! šŸ™‚

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