>Whoops. I don’t intentionally mean to become a submarine blogger – disappearing and reappearing at my own convenience – but, I am also aware that there are only a certain amount of eyes that grace this page, and will take the time to read my mind boggles. Does that give me an excuse to slack? Maybe.

My real excuse is that I’ve been hoopin’ and hollerin’ in Texas for the past five days. I was visiting the boyfriend and staying at his house with his roommates, which was quite the adventure. Let’s just sum it up with two words – one bathroom. Are you catching what I’m throwing? Thought so. Now that I’m back to Florida, I’ve realized that I truly dislike it. I live in an itty bitty city, where the fun is limited down to drinking lots of alcohol and taking lots of drugs. Which is why I’ve grown this consistency to my life, in the pattern of: work, school, church. I’d like to say I’m quite content with it, too.

But, once I got back here from Houston, I was taken back at how boring my life is. The part of the city that I’ll be moving to has more to offer than alcohol and drugs! There’s the giant mall, the beautiful landscape, and neighborhoods and most of all, they have a yogurt place named Swirll that I’ve fallen head-over-heels for. Houston and I just have an amazing connection. Plus, I was born in Texas… it might already be in my blood.

Anyway, what I truly am in need of is an eyebrow wax. Oh, and an answer as to WHY guys who see attractive girls on the roads, getting out of cars at convenience stores, or anywhere for that matter, feel the need to hang out of the car they are in and/or hoot and holler. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Do these guys truly think the girl will be like “Aw, well shucks.” Well, she will if she’s narcissistic, but other than that we’re taking out our mase.

And if you happen to be the guy hanging out of the car and/or hooting and hollering, make sure you have all of your teeth, and look like you’ve showered within the last 24 hours. Not even the narcissistic girls will want to “shucks” ya.

That’s all for now. I’ve officially used my break time at work to write about absolutely nothing. Accomplishing, I know.

1 thought on “>Tee-Haus.”

  1. >Okay!!! Alright!!! You have convinced me to put in my dentures and stop hollering out the window at women! But I am crossing the line at showering every 24 hours!!! I wonder if this explains why I get a lot of “shucks you” replies to my “tee haus!?!?!?”Come to think of it…I’m a graduate from a Florida University….but I’ve never been to that state! LOL

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