>The Strange and The Surreal.

>I find entertainment in the strangest of things. Most people may say this and only mean it to a certain extent. Like, they would never be the ones to log onto Tampa Bay’s mugshots every morning, looking to see who got arrested within the past 24 hours. But I would. Therefore, that makes me either creepy, nosey, strange or all of the above. I think the craziest thing out of it all, is the fact that I find at least one person I know every other day.

My co-workers think I’m just straight up weird, but whatever. With that said, no, I did not hang out with the wrong crowds in high school, I just went to a very large high school where most of the kids were involved in obvious illegal activities. It has, again, obviously, caught up with them because they did not learn in high school. Other stories are more along the lines of “Dang, they lost their marbles”. Nothing was more surprising than coming across a newspaper, one that is strictly mugshots, and seeing my old best friend from high school. That was a “dang” moment.

I wish I could give a full reason as to why I find entertainment in mugshots; however, there are those mugshots that give me the hibbity jibbities. It’s not that I WANT these people in jail, but I guess it’s just the city I live in and its given reputation that makes me wonder who could handle reality outside of high school.

One more thing. I’m finding that this Swine Flu outbreak is freaking me out. A little child just died from this thing, and it happened on our turf. I don’t want to sit and blame those Mexi’s (I am Mexican…) nor would I want to blame any other race, but jeez, stop your travelin‘, homies. The Swine Flu is making its way across the world now, with reported outbreaks in Germany and Spain. Seeing people walk around with masks over their faces is surreal to me. I’ve also become a germaphobe – avoiding door knobs in public places, using my Germ X more than normal and snarling at sick people! Who am I?

I’m someone trying to keep my immune system free of flu’s with Swine. What is Swine, anyway?

3 thoughts on “>The Strange and The Surreal.”

  1. >I guess it wouldn’t be out of the question to have your 5 year – extended class reunion at the county jail!Yeah, the Swine stuff is a bit freaky! I’m a germaphobe as well….I have this elaborate system of washing, paper towels and not touching stuff in public restrooms….It’s like a twister game! Ted (Swine Free in ’09)

  2. >oh, the swine flu. i heard it started when one newscaster decided to talk about it in the “scary newscaster voice” and then it caught on, so that all the newscaster’s found themselves sick with the fear mongering swine flu illness, passing it from the tv into the american public…its always prudent to use germ x, but i don’t think it’s quite the aporkalypse just yet.

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