>Much bettttttah.

>Okay! I have arisen out of the trench of utter sadness and despair. Well, maybe I wasn’t THAT low, but I am in a much better mood.

The only thing that has really upset me lately is, while on my quest of searching the arrest inquiries, I came across one of my friends again. I have English with this kid on Wednesday nights and I was like ‘seriously?’ We had just been discussing how he wants a girl in his life, and I was like maybe you should clean up your act…
Guess he hasn’t.

On another note, I’ve been really trying to keep myself busy and highly motivated to pick myself up. Church was awesome, then dinner with everyone afterwards was entertaining due to the fact that guys do not think girls poop. Let me make this clear. We poop. My friend Matt has (maybe HAD after the conversation) this outlook that girls should just never talk about poop. April and I assured him that he would one day find a girl who would be comfortable to let him know of her bodily functions. We know this because April and I both discuss these things with our boyfriends, and before us, our boyfriends used to be totally against it. We will let them know when it’s time to drop the some kids off at the pool. That, my friends, is the real sign of fate. Maybe.

Oh and since you’ve asked how the 40’s/50’s girls night went, I’ll share pictures:

I felt the most un-50ish in my white cloth like dress and little scarf.

Well, now I must go and bond with myself (and Ashley… and Chelsea and a few others) tonight and keep my head up. If he cares. He’ll call. Right?

5 thoughts on “>Much bettttttah.”

  1. >girls poo, but men shit, girls don’t shit. please don’t shit. please leave us this one ideal. this mystery of women in the bathroom, the hours spent, so many hours, just doing your hair and trying on clothes. that toilet is just there out of sympathy for our foul habit when we are allowed to visit. a strange seat for you to paint your toenails and uncomfortably read magazines.

  2. >hey… nice blog.. though i dont have time to read it right now (end of sem exams).. i’d like to chat with you sometime.. some good random thoughts you got 😛

  3. >Adam, I just pooped.Ted, we are precious, aren’t we?Ojas/man on the moon, I’m random and weird. You should be more worried than anything.

  4. >Ha ha ha. Adam, I just pooped. Thank you for that, it made me laugh. It is silly how boys think, I can’t wait for this kid to meet a girl that talks about pooping and periods and all that.

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