>My movie weekend.

>I want to talk about my weekend and how adventurous it was. Also, because I know you’re really dying to hear about it, so why not?
Friday I just so happened to have morphed into a Trekkie for the night…

… and I went to see Star Trek with a group of friends. Only Matt and I found it remotely humorous, while Chelsea cried within the first 10 minutes of the movie. The only amusing part was the fact that someone in the group decided to crawl on the theater floor in an attempt to scare me. It was successful. Oh, and the guy playing Kirk was so much of a hunk that I had a dream that night of marrying him.
I went to my niece’s first birthday on Saturday, where it was, apparently, BYOB for the older folks. I was a little taken back, so I opted not to stay too long. My night was then burrito filled! Chelsea and I went to Tijuana Flats and filled our bellies with beans and chicken, and filled our minds with crazy talk. Then others called to come over and watch movies, but first I had to poop. Don’t judge my fast metabolism! So, I rushed home, pooped, changed, and moseyed on over. We watched Changling all the way through, only to come to the conclusion that we just wasted almost three hours of our lives watching a stickly Angelina Jolie repeat the lines “That’s not my son!”. Then Holly suggested we pop in Tropic Thunder to rid the awful hours we just endured. I must admit, Robert Downey, Jr. is such a great actor; however, I did not have dreams of marrying him.

Sunday was mom’s day and she hated her presents, so we’ll call it unsuccessful. But later that night I got a call from Chelsea telling me to come over and eat pizza. I could not resist that, but I did look in the mirror, saw my hair still in a towel and my toenails unpainted, and still, pizza outweighed this. I then sat there until 1 AM watching Matt, John, Holly and Chelsea put together furniture… as I sat on Facebook and Blogger. I felt pretty bad about this, but I did not know where to begin. I helped clean up a pizza box, though. Then we decided to watch 300, and I lasted 30 minutes and realized that I had to be at work at 9AM. It was not a good combo. I had eye twitches all the next day.

One more thing. I just got to work and I went to the bathroom, only to find my black shirt covered in deodorant spots. No one cared to tell me this. Not the lady I see every day at 7-11, not an old gym member I ran in to or my co-workers. I’m a little offended or embarassed… or a little of both.
Do you care about any of this? Not at all, but that’s okay! Let’s do the robot together.

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