>While most will hit the infamous Rebound Button after a failed relationship, I am a person who opts for the Delete Button. This one seems to stick out more and rebounding seems pointless. Why break someone elses heart for being selfish? The Delete Button has so many more opportunities. It even comes with music!

When I heard “I’m Gonna Find Another You” by John Mayer, I actually started laughing. One of those laughs you get annoyed with in a restaurant, because it comes from the overweight lady that is sitting two tables over, whose conversation is already too loud. Except I’m not overweight. I typically don’t do the listentosulkymusicandbedepressed thing. If I can avoid sadness, I will throw punches. But this songs seems to help with the punches and it makes me feel fanfreakingtastic.

“It’s really over, you made your stand. You got me crying, as was your plan. But when my loneliness is through, I’m gonna find another you. You take your sweaters, you take your time. You might have your reasons, but you will never have my rhyme. I’m gonna sing my way away from blue. I’m gonna find another you. When I was your lover, no one else would do. If I’m forced to find another, I hope he looks like you . Yeah and he’s nicer, too.”

My Delete Button is tasteful and, what I believe, isn’t too harsh. Sure, you wanted to keep in contact with me, but whoever said that I would want to keep in contact with you? What the hell is contact anyway? Calls? Count me out. Text message? Count me out. Plus, you never could do that in the relationship anyway. I’d rather not bother with it at all. The impact that you’ve had on my life is minimal. You’ve only taken away the fact that I will never again receive a promise ring with an open finger or mindset. Other than that, you already live states away, your phone calls were scarce and answered text messages were always surprises.

My conclusion, like many others, is that I deserve better, and I do. I deserve someone who can remember the fact that my favorite color is orange and when I get nervous, I bite the sides of my nails. Maybe I’ll even get lucky enough to come across someone who will call me at a reasonable time of the night – responsibility means working 9AM-4PM, not talking on the phone at odd times of the night because we’re always on your time.

It seems bitter, but, babe, it’s not out of strife. You just did not belong in my life and because I opened that door, I paid hundreds in plane tickets. Crap.

Lesson learned! Delete.

2 thoughts on “>Ruthless.”

  1. >Well said. I’m dealing with a similar situation at the moment. It sucks when you think you found someone special and it all goes down hill. Live and learn is how it goes I guess. Now you’re alone again. What I’ve learned is that being alone isn’t so bad though.I looked up that John Mayer song. Nice song.

  2. >Bre, I think my computer’s operating system is messed up….I keep pressing delete but it wants to install an application with the same program….this is frustrating! Sounds like you are an experienced repair person! Should I just do a hard drive reformat!?!?!? Damn this technology age! Have a great weekend! I’m off on another adventure….should make for a great blog post next week!

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