>The Kitty, Eel and Dingo.


This was before Matt realized he should put the kitty down because he is highly allergic. Also before we had this conversation…

Matt: “I guess I should have only taken one Benadryl…”
Chelsea, Jessica, Stephen, Me: “How many did you take?!”
Matt: “Three.”

And then, finally, before we all got worried Matt would not be able to drive home due to his intense drowsiness that soon followed. I tried reading the label and where it read “May cause drowsiness” but to no avail, he still lost that battle.

This all occurred while we were in the midst of playing Nerts. I know, I did not know what it was until Saturday, so really… don’t fret. I was told it was oodles of fun and it turned out to be the type of fun that lasts from 9:30PM until 2:00 AM. The game should have the tags of ‘Violent’ and ‘Not kid friendly’, because there was so much intensity that bashing one another with names was a must. There was great guacamole, too. Did I mention how much I love guacamole? Well, I love it.

Speaking of delicious things, I’ve gotten highly addicted to Sushi lately. I went last Tuesday, Saturday, and then yesterday.

Say ‘Mmm‘, please. The thing that looks like squeezed chicken is actually Eel, and I highly recommend it. That is, if you’re not allergic to things that lurk in the ocean… because then I’d feel really bad… because that would be my fault for kind of recommending it to you when you could possibly die. I want you to live, okay? Did I mention that I love guacamole?

And this amazing book is something you may find on an adventure to the clearance section of Books-A-Million. I mean, if you’re in to knowing the birds of world. I love creepiness. Did I mention I love guacamole?
Is anyone watching American Idol tonight!? You should really know I’m rooting for Kris and his lovely cords. I think I’d rather have a Dingo win than see Adam Lambert and his eye liner take it home. Every time he does that tongue action on the mic, I get a bit more freaked out than before. Did I mention I love guacamole?
Now I must hop back to work. I’ve decided to start hopping everywhere I go. Did you just believe that? You did. You think I hop. Well, take this
Hip hop hippopotamus. Bam.

1 thought on “>The Kitty, Eel and Dingo.”

  1. >Your post combined the items I love the most in a meal….mainly Sushi, Guacamole, and Dingos….nothing makes for a better three course meal than those items! I walked into the office today and the first thing I yelled was “Hip hop hippopotamus. Bam.” Unfortunately, they sent me to the mental health nurse rather quickly! Thanks Bre!

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