I’m really tir….
Sorry. My eyes and ears can only handle so much death and destruction via XBOX. I’m sitting here listening to Matt and John play some stupid game, when all I’d like to do is pass the flock out. It would feel absolutely great given the fact that I got home from a Hillsong concert at 1 in the morning and had to be up by 7:30 this morning.
The Hillsong concert was great, by the way.
There were a good 4,000 people there and it was just a Jesus hoppin‘ good time.
Jesus does too hop.
Oh and guess who text (is the right term ‘texted‘, because I hate that term) me last night. That’s right – the ex. It wasn’t too eventful. Just wondering why we’re not friends, why I moved on, and that “he wasn’t upset”. I feel like I’m bashing or talking smack… so… here’s a sorry in advance. But really, what did he expect? For me to paint my walls black, wear heavy eyeliner and cry to Dashboard Confessional? That’s a no bueno in my book.
If you don’t see anymore posts, it’s probably because I’ve died from Matt’s gas leak. He’s blaming the steak. Everyone’s dead.

3 thoughts on “>Yawn”

  1. >Believe it or not….I do listen to Christian music (a local station that plays Air 1)…Yes, ladies and Gentle…I am a Christian! Although it’s quite possible my online personality doesn’t reflect that! Glad you had fun at the concert!I sure hope you didn’t die from that gas leak!

  2. >Ted, you are excellent. It’s possible I could have an e-crush on you. I’ll research that. I know Alison is your first e-love though.

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