I’ve been seeing this really great new guy and I’ve never really realized how much fun it is to have someone who truly wants to know me. He asks about my days, he wants to know about my past, texts me to have a great day and if I get angry, he will stare at me for a creepingly long time until I’m smiling again… and it completely tickles me.

The car rides with him are pretty spontaneous. He hates my sense of direction, but he loves to serenade me with his horrible voice (see: Meet Virginia – Train). He will randomly ask how much I like him on a scale of 1-10, and why I like him. I find it humorous, until I realize he’s absolutely serious. I tell him he’s at a four, but maybe he’ll improve (really, he’s at a ten). Then I asked why he likes me and he said one thing that bounces around my head. I believe it was the third reason that he was on…

“You balance me out.”

I liked that. Although he spills waters on me in restaurants as he clumsily tries to pass the bread, and calls me out on everything (“You just wanted to touch my hand”), I still think he sits at a ten. It’s pretty strange how you go from one relationship, thinking you’re supposed to be with them, but when it comes down to the core of it all, the lighted reality, it turns out you’re just posing two puzzle pieces together, hoping one day that the fit – but they never will.

Then there’s him.

I hope I’m not jumping the gun or falling too quickly, because that would not only be embarrassing, but slightly annoying. I would blame my level of emotions as a girl and become the neighborhood cat lady.

I’ll try to guide the relationship by a line from “Tracing” by John Mayer as much as possible.

“There is a reason strong moves slow”

Right? Right. But don’t doubt for a second I won’t become that cat lady.

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