>Contentment in growing up.

>The perks of Facebook come in many forms of stalking. You can become a creep subconsciously and statements such as “Crazy that I see you today. I was just on your Facebook last night!” are no longer considered socially awkward, because one will more than likely get the response, “No way! I was on yours, too!” Are you catching what I’m throwing?

I was on Facebook earlier today and I was looking (or creeping) on my ‘old’ friends from high school and a thought crossed my mind. This single thought that made other thoughts unfold.

“When are they going to grow up?!”

This may sound slightly judgemental and it may come off a little condescending, but slow that roll – it’s not intended to come off that way whatsoever. It’s more to question the mindset of where one should be in their second or third year of college. One would assume position of responsibility, for example, losing the taste of parties and the amount of alcohol consumed. But, unfortunately, they don’t. Instead, they begin to wander into parties held by those that are still in high school or just still partying with the same crowd. Quite frankly, it’s not my cup of tea.

I began to see it my junior year of high school. I was new to the school and barely knew a soul, so when I would go to the parties with my recently-made friends, I’d see these older kids there. It did not really set in until senior year, that these ‘older kids’ were actually graduates from many years prior. That’s when my mind was made up to never become that person, and I never have. So, I gather that it is not so surprising that these few that I graduated with are still doing the drink-’til-they-drop deal.

Call me an old fart or boring, but I’m happy I grew up a little after graduation. Once the doors of graduation flew open, it was literally like I never heard from more than half of my “friends” again, and I was content with that. I figured I’d probably put on my big girl shoes and walk on with my life. I’ve always known that I want to be successful and success cannot be found in a bottle of beer or with people who, outside the realm of partying, would not understand my goals. I’m starting to sound like a Starbucks junkie. You know, one of those people who sit at Starbucks, contemplating life and smoking packs of cigarettes in one sitting? But in all reality, I really am glad to be the person I am today. Without the stern talks and pushes from my mom, I would probably be one of those doing a keg stand in a picture. Did I mention those pictures posted on social websites can destroy a future job?

I don’t mean to trash talk anyone. I just wonder when they’re going to pick up and move on. Those who believe the drinking and partying is ‘fun’ and go by those silly quotes such like, “You only live once” are really missing the bulls eye of life. Perhaps, I really am just a boring ol‘ gal, who would rather hang out and go bowling or even go to church than to a party where every mindset is to get as ‘shwasted‘ as possible and drive home.

What ever it may be, I’m 20-years-old and I’m happy to be where I’m at. I would not have it any other way.

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