>Answer, please.

>What does it all mean?

You contradict yourself at least twelve times in a matter of twenty minutes. You’re about as protective as an alligator in any zone of water. You’re quick to assume that my thoughts are elsewhere when I am quiet. You want me to be open with you, so I am, but when I try to pry the latch to your door of life, you have “nothing” to share.

What does it all mean?

You have to believe that you’re always right. I try to call you out on certain things, but you justify every action; you could make a tiger look like a kitten if you wanted. Is it manipulations?

What does it all mean?

I cannot hang out with old friends, because the crowd I was previously in was bad… but where are you tonight?

I want to believe that this can work. I want to believe that maybe this really isn’t you, because this is not who I knew in the beginning. You say my anger is not something you knew in the beginning, but have you heard the way you talk to the opposite sex? Try wearing a new pair of shoes. Try switching your attitude, and maybe, just maybe, you will see.

Until then, I’ll be in the verge of tipping the cup over. The water is almost full; there’s only so much I can take. Don’t do this.

What does it all mean?

4 thoughts on “>Answer, please.”

  1. >People change, and it really sucks. Sometimes someone who you felt was so right at one point flips a 180 and ruins it. Keep smiling though, the right one will come along

  2. >What up Bre?I'm not sure what it all means but I'm sure that has something to do with me reading your post to damn early! Maybe the whole Men are from Mars…Women are from Venus deal!

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