>Hobbies and Harley’s.

>Crikey. I wish the clever little thoughts that cross my mind and inspire me to write a blog came more often than once a week. It’s highly annoying when one notices they’ve gotten behind on their blog, but, in reality, who reads this thing anyway?

Well, if anyone’s interest is piqued, here goes a brain poop of thought…

I actually had a horrible weekend and the only highlight seemed to be the movie “The Hang Over”. It’s one of the funniest movie since “Knocked Up” and “Superbad“. From the naked Asian jumping out of a trunk to the horrible scenes that end the movie that seems to reveal anything and everything that clothes cover. After the movie, Matt and I went to Dairy Queen where he failed to understand how my stomach could possibly be begging for a small ice cream cone at 10 PM. I then dubbed that the situation was one of those in which the male species will never comprehend, and there are no words a girl can form and say without blowing a circuit – so I responded with a “just because” attitude.

In other thrilling news, I get to see my brother today! He’s a Marine and he may be returning back to Afghanistan, so he has leave at the moment. I’ll also get to see his new wife (they’ve known each other for a whole 6 months and she’s younger than me) and tease as much as I please.

I feel like there’s so much to do lately. I need a hobby; a hobby that will keep me so busy that my little mind won’t know what to do. Then, I’ll learn to hate that hobby and ask why I wanted one in the first place – then the process will start over again. Amazing how the mind of a woman works. I also need to get things done before school starts again in the Fall, but then I question “What the heck are these things?!” I just know there are things. Ew.

In the meantime, I’m going to go and ride my sweet Harley around this town, smoke Marlboro Reds and contemplate my life through self-help books.


I don’t read self-help books.

2 thoughts on “>Hobbies and Harley’s.”

  1. >Bre, I loved that movie as well….as a matter of fact July 6-10, I went to Vegas with a bunch of friends and we lost "Mario." Mario was a guy who started partying with us….it was the funniest thing….just like that movie…we lost that freakin guy!I just read a self-help book that advised me to budy a Harley and smoke some reds….what a coincidence.

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