I suppose it’s over confident and rather conceited, but why do guys bother with falling for me so quickly? It’s not that I am having a full out complaint about this, because some girls don’t get this “luxury”. This “luxury”, however, can be almost slightly unbearable.

See, girls are always presumed to be the prowlers and the jumpers in a relationship. By prowling, I mean we come off as the pathetic, bar hopping chick who will give the ‘sex-eye’ to any walking male. By jumper, I mean after the prowling and ‘sex-eye’ it’s the jump-into-this-relationship-and-make-babies. While some of this may hold true to SOME women, most women these days have become very self-sufficient and have learned to be independent – knowing someone will eventually come along in their lives, without the prowling and jumping. This is the part where I blame the male species and all of their schemes.

I blame every male on this planet for making women believe that there is hope for true, undying love more than once in a lifetime. I will share examples of events in my lurve (I’d rather call it lurve than love, because I haven’t quite found love yet) life for references to my points.

1. After dating a guy for two weeks one year, we were walking along the beach one night, I saw that “I Love You” was written in the sand. I stated that it was cute some guy wrote that and then he proceeded to hug me, with my WHAT!? face over his shoulder, and he confessed his “undying” love for me. We lasted another couple of weeks.

2. I once met what I thought was the guy of my dreams. He was insanely handsome, he played for my favorite Christian artist at one point in time and he still held a title of a studio drummer. He hadn’t had a girlfriend in two years, so I was some lucky bait… at least I thought. I remember once we were in the car and he held my hand and was talking about how “Maybe… we’re meant to be.” You can only imagine my heart rate. Then came the promise ring and family meetings. Well not long after all of this, his real side seemed to kick in and the distance between us seemed to suffocate the lurve right out of us. We broke up.

3. My last example is the guy who was the sweetest. He was attending a legitimate university, he was about to start law school and he was always encouraging my passion for writing. If it weren’t for the over haul of unrequested presents (I’m not that type of girl) that flew my way and his incessant calling every five minutes, maybe we’d still be together. Well, maybe not….

According my stats and to the above, my belief is that it is clearly the male species fault when it comes to a relationship and why it faults. I believe that if it weren’t for the above statement and actions, maybe these relationships would have continued down a safe, slow road. Instead, the relationships jumped the curb into on-coming traffic and we both were taken down by a tractor trailing hauling a large gas tank. That’s what I get. I am in no way shape or form regretting that these things happened. I am so very happy my time came to an end with these guys. My future would have probably involved some speed bumps (we were on the wrong side of the road). We had already missed the warning signs, so it was doomed from the first “I love yous”, “We are meant to be’s” and hundreds of dollars spent on goodies.

What I am trying to drill at here is that guys always blame the girls for going “too fast” in a relationship, when really, they’re more guilty than they think. Their smooth talking seems to hint to a girl that they want something more serious, so we go for it. Maybe a guy should watch his step before assuming.

I heard once that guys enter a relationship thinking the girl will never change, while a girl enters a relationship hoping the guy will change for the good. That itself just proves the female and male species are both a ball of confusion and chaos – and when they collide, it’s either lurve, love or death via explosion.

7 thoughts on “>Lurve.”

  1. >If you were a lesbian, this article would probably be about women, not men. People are different.When you find yourself in a new relationship with someone, the notion is to constantly try and impress the other person. Make them think you're awesome, right? So you tend to have a lot more in common, and your personalities are just so "right" for each other, simply because you're subconsciously doing this…But I guess that can't last forever, I mean look at the divorce rate in this county haha. It's sort of discouraging, isn't it? What I'm trying to say is that people prefer different things than other people, we're individuals. You'll either like or dislike something someone else does, and people do a lot of things. Maybe one of those guys will find a girl who enjoys those so ridiculous things they do. From the perspective of those girls, you could see the guy might not be so bad. But since I don't really know any of those guys, I can't quite say how accurate that statement is. But you're young, I think you'll find someone who doesn't love you to love you. Haha… bad joke.

  2. >Ausssstttin! So, I believe that some day, those guys will find one of those girls that will accept them for who they are. But I also believe that we all learn from one another in relationships. You learn not to act like a jealous crazy or even to be skeptical about someone who has done drugs in the past. Living and learning and loving. Ya know? That's what it comes down to. I was more pointing out that guys are forever blaming the "too fast" scheme on ladies, but really, it's the guys who are so down for the relationship in the beginning, that they flaunt until they finally get bored… while the girl EXPECTS it to remain the same. It never does though.There's an inner core to everyone and it takes about six months to get to that core. Then it all depends on who can handle who.

  3. >"I blame every male on this planet for making women believe that there is hope for true, undying love more than once in a lifetime."Whoa…hold on now! Bre, you can't blame me, I'm the most non-committed person on the planet…I'm so upfront about that…it pisses women off! But whatever! XOXOXOXOXOTed

  4. >Ted,I think it's humorous when guys label themselves as the "non-committed" type. I think it will take that one lady to cross your path that will change your entire perspective. Sometimes we go through many hoops and holla's, but it takes one person to make us realize what we've really been looking for all along.XOXO.

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