>The conversation that needed coffee.

>Last night was just the dose of good conversation that I needed. Holly and I went out to a hip hop dance class that’s actually held in a very urbanized warehouse, where I sat and watched the class and was highly entertained. I put my Facebook status as: “Breanna Jones is forgetting about how chaotic and crazy today was at work and getting ready to join Holly for hibbity, hip, hip, hop class. And to answer your question – No, I am most certainly not dancing. I’m no Jenine.” and my I received a text message within five minutes of posting from Tyler Wall, Travis Wall’s younger brother, asking why I wasn’t dancing. How embarrassing to text back the horror I would endure while attempting to pop and lock and get ‘jiggity‘ with it. It just wasn’t going to happen.

Anyway, after watching everyone learn the dance and get it all down, our drive home was filled with a flow of great conversation. We talked about everything from books to relationships to who we are as individuals. It felt so great to talk to someone who I could relate to and to even get advice that was needed. I realized a lot of things and put a new perspective into play for my life. See, Holly has so many great ideas and goals for her life and what I find most inspiring is that she takes the initiative to tackle the goal. She has realistic views, while most will list short-term goals, but those only prove to be unrealistic and far out of reach. Honestly, it’s wonderful to have such encouraging people in life such as her. It was just one of those conversations that needed a cup of coffee.

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