>A Little More To Grasp.


It’s been a while since anything of excitement has been in my life, but I finally have a great story to tell!
On Monday, Chelsea invited me to dinner with her and two young girls from Reformation, the youth ministry at our church. Sixty kids, and however many adult leaders, had just returned the Saturday before, including my boyfriend, and I was more than excited to hear all about it. My boyfriend shared in many details, but I only received his side: the setting up for the kids, the worship, the things he encountered with God, and all of these things still made the hairs on my tiny arm standup and made me feel tickled – but, what I really wanted to hear was the kids point-of-view’s and now was my opportunity to hear it.
It wasn’t until about two and a half hours later, after hearing every detail of Summer Camp with the water park and the classes they attended, did I finally get to ask to Kelsey and Malia:
“How did God move in each of your lives? What did you walk away with?”
Their responses brought a smile to my face. One was of how she was in a dry season, where it almost felt like there was nothing she could do or give to get back to where she was with God, but it finally came around. Through a word of encouragement from everyone around her and even God, just telling her to push through it. Then the other sweetie, who finally was able to let go of some things and was able to experience a new level with God. Their ages: 14 and 16. And that’s how it was for the rest of the kids that were there. During worship one night, they were all piled into one living room, with some having to file into the kitchen, the worship band stopped playing and all they could hear were the screams and the singing from the kitchen.
After Monday night and after hours of conversation and, not to mention, three restaurants later, I drove home feeling filled with the Spirit. Like, those stories alone just helped me to grasp a little more of how amazing God truly is. He moved through 60 kids in that house. He moved through leaders and counselors. He lit the flame that had died out in people and even helped people to come together and to fellowship – without judgement and without fear. He helped by speaking into the leaders while they were teaching classes. My boyfriend said, as he was speaking to the Echelon tribe, he knew something came over him, because it wasn’t him that was speaking; he was able to speak about things that he never thought he would. That’s a mighty God.
I still feel goosebumps just thinking and talking about what happened over those five days at Summer Camp, and I wasn’t even there. There are such amazing kids at Reformation and such amazing leaders. I really am blessed to attend and be with everyone single one of them every Thursday.

Reformation’s Worship Band

How has God moved in your life lately?

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