>Tickle, tickle.

>I’ve just stepped into my first class of the semester at PHCC, and I remember why it’s so uncomfortable; not only are the classrooms a square inch too small, but the school seems to have the dilemma of too many people this year. My I-quit-smoking-and-I-gained-weight professor shared with our class that his classes have increased 30%. That means… if I have a bad day and I’m sweating my little pits off, surrounding others will know. I’m not so sure if I’m down with that.

Really, my best suggestion is just to not become lazy, as I proved my senior year of high school, and for those to actually apply themselves in applying to universities. Go away! Be free, little butterflies. Stop taking up my class space because I was too lazy to apply to universities. I want to be at PHCC with only 15 others in my class. It’s the least I could ask for.

Anyway, this weekend was off the chain -that’s right, I just said that – but, don’t tell my boyfriend I had an awesome weekend. He’s easily bummed out when I pick up the phone and I’m out with our friends, but that’s what he gets for being responsible and working in Miami for a week! From watching Garden State with Chelsea and Holly – “This is tickle.” – to driving to Orlando with Chelsea, Natalie, Chris and Pat, singing Backstreet Boys… tell me why, ain’t nothin’ but a heartbreak… and, not to mention, my delirious moments (check in with my state of being after 11 o’clock, it’s not a pretty thing) of truly believing a cockroach was on me. I really haven’t laughed that much in quite sometime. I do wish Matt had been there, though. We all shared moments to rekindle the flame of his nonexistence.

Back to reality, though. The semester has begun and my life will be brought back to the 5mph it seems to stay at during school. My brain does the same thing, too. It’s all a vicious cycle. Next class is to begin in t-minus 22 minutes. Help.

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