>The Modesty Movement.

>Modesty. This seems to be the dying trend in this generation. I’m really not even quite sure when it started. Maybe before I was even thought of being placed into existence and/or maybe it started in the 80’s, when teased hair was deemed socially acceptable and mini-skirts and halter tops made their debuts. Whatever the time period was, I believe the time when this, um, “self-confidence” decided to become the new “in” thing, it took a whole new role in affecting those who have yet to hit puberty.

Anyone who passes a Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch can see the latest ripped jeans, with holes that would make anyone wonder. One can also smell the latest “in” perfume or cologne within a ten foot radius of one of the stores. Both of these stores also provide any hormonal teen the great advantage of “washboard” abs and half nude girls on top of one another, or by themselves, on the side of their shopping bag. I mean, it’s really no surprise that any ten year old child is not waiting until he or she is thirteen to figure out what sex is all about. These stores are the brainwashers of this generations youth, and, sadly, even to those mothers who truly believe they have missed out in high school and must relive those years in their forties, but that’s a different blog entry on a later date. Given these stores and their purpose to promote teen sex and techno, I am brought to the conclusion that it’s crucial to have a strong foundation of Christian friends, so they can serve as an accountability to even the smallest of things, like dressing with modesty.

Recently, the guys and gals from the youth group at my church went to Summer Camp and my friends Chelsea and Jessica taught the class on dressing with modesty. They went step-by-step with the girls and then with the boys. Chelsea shared a survey they had taken before on what exactly went through the mind of guys when they see a low cut shirt, girls with short shorts and even a girl in tight jeans. From what I heard, all the girls were taken back with the responses that guys gave. Talk about a light bulb. Then I heard that all the girls from youth went back to their rooms and, without crucial criticism, told one another that either a shirt was too low cut or a pair of shorts were just too short. It worked. Each one of those beautiful young girls had a complete change of mind. Sure, majority will still shop at Hollister and Abercrombie, but at least they’re finally aware of the mindset of most guys, Christian or not, when it comes to their clothing and how they dress themselves.

Two of the girls from the youth group, Autumn and Brooke, have even started their own brand of shirts, pushing for a modesty movement.

“Ask me about my body… The media of today is sending out the wrong message. Girls are looked upon as sex symbols. Magazines are full of impure images of women that set a standard for the rest that is unrealistic. We are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Girls do not have to wear low-cut tops and mini skirts to get the attention of guys. You can still be beautiful and wear appropriate attire.”

This is all coming from the hands and minds of 14 and 17 year old girls. Awesome, right?

While I know this entry will barely serve as a nudge in society, because most young and even older women crave that certain attention from the male species, but I felt like putting my two cents in. Honestly, that’s just the way this generation seems to be going. Sex appeal is the new “in” thing, yet it’s something I cannot quite comprehend, but, then again, I do not comprehend half of the things that the world accepts these days.

Whatever you take from this entry, just know that the image you portray does not have to have the scenery of V.I.P lounges, short skirts, low cut tops and some arm candy. Your image is more than these things. Respect yourself and show some modesty; otherwise, you are really just like every other girl or guy.

3 thoughts on “>The Modesty Movement.”

  1. >I definitely agree with this. I'm ashamed to say, but when I was younger, I dressed more provocatively than I do now, simply because I thought it would garner me more attention. And maybe it did, since boys in high school are more aware of the body than the brain at that point. But since graduating from college and experiencing the real world, I find that it's the modest girls who gain the most respect. And if you keep being true to yourself and honoring your body and image, then you'll find someone who will find that beautiful. Great blog entry, thanks for talking about this!

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