>Stinky words.

>I must admit: There is something about a mouth that leaks nothing but curse words and drops of “F” bombs that is more than mildly unattractive. In fact, I find it insanely distasteful whenever a curse word is dropped.

One of the funniest instances that I come across on a regular basis is how the male species believes that this is the way to reel a girl in. I’m really not sure what draws any guy to this conclusion, but the last time a guy swooped me off of my feet using nothing but curse words was when I was around the age of 10. My 10-year-old self found out what curse words were and so, of course, any guy that was cursing up a storm was thought to be some kind of awesome boy and he must know what he’s talking about with those words. Are you catching what I’m throwing yet?

See, today’s society looks at cursing nothing more than a foreign word used to spice up an explanation of an event, person, place or anything for that matter. When sentences stream from a mouth and they’re full of every word in the “No-No” dictionary, I want to ask if they’ve read any intelligent novels lately or just say, “Really? You could not answer me with any other words in their place?” It’s not that I am completely against the use of foul language, it’s just the excessive use. It’s trashy and unattractive – especially if you’re a lady. Well, maybe if you’re a British brute, then you’d socially pass… but if you’re American – I just “aint” havin’ it.

I hope no one thinks my panties are just in a bunch. I just find the act of cursing because you’re low of on the amount of words your brain stores, blatantly put, unintelligent. You may drop your bombs, but please, don’t do it around me. They come off stinky.

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