>Season Tease.

>There’s a certain feeling of Fall around Florida. It seems to still carry the scent of Summer and while there are more breezes than Summer offers, there’s not much of a difference. With that said, I have realized that I miss the feeling of being able to have a tangible feel in a season change. Sure, I can look around my neighborhood and tell that the leaves on trees know it’s that time of year and it’s time that they start shading and falling to the ground for an irritated owner to rake them up. What I don’t feel is any slight change in the weather. Instead, it’s still quite muggy out, it’s still raining like Noah and his Ark are waiting for me somewhere out there and Florida stores, most of the time, still keep their summer line out. It’s incredibly depressing if you ask me.

Don’t even get me started on Winter. I can talk forever on how I am craving a snowball fight, the act of making a snowman and naming him something completely ridiculous and wearing layers upon layers of clothes only to stand out in the snow for a total of five minutes, because my little bones cannot withstand the cold. Now, while in Florida and I receive “Winter’s” that only tickle my toes when it’s chilly out. There’s no need to buy hot chocolate for Christmas, because you’re more than likely to be sitting outside, in a tank top, opening up your gifts. How bland.

Florida is completely unfair to one who would like to feel the love of each season. I swear, each season comes with a kiss; it lands right on your cheek and brings about a soft exhale – letting you realize that it’s here and it’s time for a whole new wardrobe and it even feels like it could be a new start.

However, my new starts will never occur as long as I reside in this state and have the love bugs love with their love guts all over my windshield each Summer, feel my three added breezes that Fall brings and the tickle of cold that Winter gives. It’s all such a tease.

5 thoughts on “>Season Tease.”

  1. >"the love bugs love with their love guts" – Now that was funny! FYI, I usually realize the season is changing when I get out of bed in the morning and realize I have puffed male nipple areola. At least that is the technical term!

  2. >I found your blog through 20sb and had a quick peek. I really like your writing! I'm in Nova Scotia and it's just starting to feel like fall here. I had a pumpkin spice latte today so you know it's the season 😀

  3. >Amy, thank you so much! That little bit of encouragement goes so far. I can't even drink coffee in Florida unless it's in doors. Otherwise, I literally break a sweat.

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