>Let the God times roll.

>I’ll blame my lack of blogging to my little bones and their inability to adjust to the little stresses of life, or I’ll admit that I just haven’t been quite motivated to break out my ticklers and type. Nonetheless, my ticklers and bones are ready to share something amazing that has been happening in my life lately.

It’s no secret that I am a Christian and I love God more than I could ever put into words. Lately, God has been moving in my life, but in a crazy, drastic way. He’s literally pushing and pulling me out of my box so much. The first incident happened a little over a month ago and that one made me open my eyes and just yesterday, the second incident happened which has still left me in awe.

The first incident occurred while I was actually at church. It wasn’t like some moment of in the midst of praying and falling to my knees deal, it was more along the lines of me not having any idea what was going on – this typically happens when God intervenes suddenly. I walked into Reformation, our church’s high school ministry, and I knew something was off. I couldn’t pinpoint it, but I just did not feel comfortable, and I never feel that way when I walk in there. As I sat down, I realized how uncomfortable I was and just decided to head into the main epicentre where the adults are for Thursday night service. As I walked in, I found a seat and began to get into service when I started look around. My eyes then were on two very bored girls in the row in front of me. It was at the exact moment I was like Um, God, am I supposed to invite them to Reformation?

Before that is answered, one must understand that I am not the person to step outside of my little box of my relationship with God… I found it so embarrassing; I was just scared to come off annoying.

Moving on, as I was asking this in my head, before I knew it, my arm was reaching out and tapping on one of the young girls shoulder. It was like that that both of the girls got up and happily agreed to get out of the adult service and join me in Reformation. Alyssa and Brittany have been going for the past month now and absolutely love it. I love them so much.

Then there was the incident of yesterday. This specific incident that, I believe, pulled me out of my box of comfort Christianity. I got out of class early yesterday and debated with myself if I should go to my next class or not in celebration of making my way through a horrible History test and finishing my horrific History paper. I opted with not going to World Cinema class – we were only watching a movie – and just to go home. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I saw a woman struggling to make her way home on a bike with her book bag hanging over. I was merely taking compassion from the comfort of my air conditioned car, wishing she had a ride. As I drove off from the light, this particular lady had made it some way down the sidewalk-less, two lane road. I instantly was hit with the action of giving her a ride home. I wasn’t even thinking of the risks, because at that moment, it didn’t even matter. Instead, I kept driving, telling myself it was just my thoughts getting to me and if I continued to think this I would turn around. Well, I ended up turning around and when I was making my second U-turn, I was asking God if this is really what I’m supposed to do, just make a clearing in this crazy traffic for me to get her. Then… there was my clearing. There was no traffic on either side.

I lost my breathe for a second.

Then I pulled over, she put her bike in my trunk and I drove her to her home – which turned out to be miles and miles and miles away. Roseanna, I would soon to find out her name, had just been praying for some kind of miracle to even survive on Ridge Road. She called me her little angel and our entire conversation was a spill of God and how amazing He is. Turned out that Rosanna even attends my church, but with car and family problems lately, it’s been difficult to attend. She then had an instant epiphany that if she’s willing to ride her bike that far for school, why not church? The whole ride I let her talk and I listened and just wanted to encourage her. When I dropped her off, she thanked me and said she would see me at church.

It’s these little, but big things that have been occurring in my life recently. These situations that are magnificently given and then I take hold – having in mind what God wants me to do. They’re changing me from the inside out. I have so much compassion driving me that I feel I could move a boulder, and I really could not do it without God. So with that said, let the God times roll.

3 thoughts on “>Let the God times roll.”

  1. >I don't really have a stand when it comes to God, but I am truly touched by this post. These *signs* that happened in life, if listened to, can really be rewarding. xo Anastasia B.

  2. >Awesome job in keeping your heart open and tender to His leading. "The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him…"

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