>Someone pump the brakes

>Before I start, I’d first like to thank my new followers – Missmoose and Jamie! I believe that the addition of followers to each blog makes the world of Blogger go ’round. Along with the rest of the people who follow my blog, you two are also excellent.

Now, time to spill my pot of life. It is no surprise that school has been taking up majority of my time – the essay’s, the tests, the questions, the lectures – and it’s been extremely difficult to even keep up with blogging. There was a moment when I made it to the blank screen of creating a new post and I just sat there. I realized that I should be studying instead of blogging, so I actually did the right thing. Very surprising.

Along with the school deal, I had decided to put my boyfriend on hold. I basically told him to pump the brakes to his outlook on the relationship. His erratic behavior seemed too unfitting for my life and I, figuratively, shed that piece of clothing for a second or two. He finally knew I was serious when I didn’t want to hear from him for a couple of days. Things seem a little bit better on the relationship front, though. He seems to get the idea that I don’t want to hear from him every single second of my day and he doesn’t need to rely on me so much. This sounds switched doesn’t it? Typically it’s the other way around in a relationship, but now I can see how annoying we girls can truly be… and we’re really annoying.

Other than that, I should be doing an essay on Jefferson and Federalists for History. I obviously did not make the right decision in this case. So, with that, I’ll update when something rather spicy happens in life. Goodbye, my little tamales.

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