>Unpleasantness cured with smores.

>I would first like to thank Mae and Taste of Originality for becoming a follower of mine on Blogger. It really means a lot, so thank you. I wish you two had links so I could follow, too!

So, to jump right in this, my weekend was absolutely horrendous. I’m not quite sure what synonym could take the place of horrendous and fit perfectly, but I was thinking ‘unpleasant’? Sure. What ever the word may be, my weekend took the first plane ride to hell. It’s quite the humorous thing, since I just blogged about how lovely my weekend was before. Oh, I love irony.
But not really.
See, my relationship with the boyfriend took an unexpected turn while on its way to hell and I just wanted to be alone for the weekend. On Saturday, I drove down to a certain mall to ease my mind by doing a little shop therapy. I ended up at my favorite two story Forever 21 store and bought goodies. I then spent the rest of my time here…

…”Here” is the actual the Barnes and Noble at Wire Grass Mall. I studied my little brain out for History, and was only sidetracked a couple of times when my heart decided to take over. I then would take a bite of my Pumpkin Cheesecake to sooth my ache.

I ended the night with take-out sushi and then hitting Starbucks with a friend. Well, then Sunday was a different story.

Sunday was Tesla’s – my churches 10th grade group – Halloween party and Matt and I shrugged off the argument ‘for the kids’. Costumes, laughing, a bonfire, S’mores – it was just a great time all around. So, really only 75% of my weekend as horrible.

At least it wasn’t 100% of the weekend, I suppose. I really think the S’mores cured my unpleasantness.

2 thoughts on “>Unpleasantness cured with smores.”

  1. >I'm sorry to hear things havnt been too fab- although your shopping trip, halloween and s'mores do sound wonderful 🙂 Here;s hoping the next weekend and the ones to follow are 100% great.PS Thank you for the lovely welcome a few posts back!

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