>Silent fingers.

>I would like to have a rant regarding my social life, and even some of you may feel the same. If so, I’m sorry.

My rant begins with the intolerable feeling of having certain friends you just cannot seem to understand. I’m sure any girl knows that we are all programmed to want to talk until our words run out and our mouth feels like a desert. There’s the also the feeling of wanting our surrounding friends to have that open ear and little to say when we’re ranting about a situation which is currently adding to, what feels like, our demise. These particular friends will more than likely be there at the sound of a dial tone or a sent text; however, this really depends on the person.

It’s only been recently that I’ve actually maintained stable relationships with other females. Before, males seemed much easier to be around. I could fart or just be the weird-o I am without the interruption of judgement. Now that I see it’s quite important to maintain female friendships, I also see that it also comes with a bit of drawbacks.

Sometimes when I am mid-rant, friends will suddenly want to talk about themselves. Sure, this is actually nothing rare since we females are full of little stories to compare, but to completely go off topic? Not my dream conversation. My suggestion to each friend, including myself, we should all just use our “silent fingers” and listen. That’s all the other side wants. Along with every other female, I would like to get whatever I am feeling across, hoping they have an ounce of consideration, before the conversation is turned over into their land.

I also know that guys suffer from this same problem. My boyfriend has shared many stories of conversations gone wrong. Now it’s come to him being very wary of talking to anyone, which is sad. Personally, I don’t want it to come down to the act of me talking to a tree, my cat or worst of all, no one. Everyone needs someone to talk to. When it comes to that time when you need to vent, let it all out and take the smart advice. When a friend comes to you in a time of need, show a little compassion and keep any story that is off topic to yourself. This all goes for me, too. My cat really just does not care about my life.

3 thoughts on “>Silent fingers.”

  1. >I personally prefer hanging out with guys. I feel like girls ALWAYS have an agenda. Maybe I'm paranoid. But oh well, guys, just like you said, are easier to be around.

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