>Thank you’s, mommy’s, and little men.


I haven’t any idea on what to post about. My “Reestablishment of Love” post received more attention and love than I had expected. Not only did my cheeks hurt from smiling, but my heart smiled, too.
Since my ideas have been scarce, I decided to write about four lovely little boys whose mommy’s are absolutely amazing. The mommy’s are young, but that makes no difference. Their beauty shines through their kids, and it gives me much anticipation for my mommy moment. Below are some of the most handsome little boys one could ever conceive.

This first one is my god son, Christian, and my best friend, Angel.

Their journey together is such an amazing story. I love them so much.

This is Elijah. I can tell you he loves to drool and

his mommy, Danielle, is always there to wipe it up.

They’re both so amazing. I love them!

This little guy is Larry. Larry’s beautiful mommy is Meighan.

Also, how great is this picture?!

This little smiley is Aiden and his amazing mother is Samantha.

I’ve known her since high school,

and our nicknames weren’t nearly as cute as this little man.
* * * * *

One more thing: I would love to thank Miss Moose and her incredibly sweet post. She has encouraged not only my writing, but plenty of others. I would like to give her an e-hug, because those are the type of posts that make others and myself smile. I’d also like to welcome my new followers: Tinkerbell, Nicolette Kristin, and Tiffany! I thank you girls so much for the following of my very Unhinged Thoughts.

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