>Today I learned…

>This post will be written from a viewpoint that took place on Friday. So, when I say “today” I am referring to Friday.

Exposures can happen in many different instances. For example, you can be exposed to sunlight, or H1N1 or to a life-changing event. My recent exposure came when I opened a new door in my life. It was similar to sunlight, something like H1N1, and very much of a life-changing event – all tangled into one, it went like so.

Today. Today I learned that there is more in this world than Christmas spirit. Instead, there’s a spirit of greed and a spirit selfishness. I don’t want to say these things cynically, but it’s so easy overlook these things when we’re consumed with days like Black Friday. Today I learned that my money isn’t my money at all. My money sits in an account that “makes the world go ’round”, but today I learned that there’s a world that has stopped in certain places, and money is to blame. Today I learned that I have a bed to sleep in, while there’s someone with concrete to support their dreams. Today I learned that hot food means more to those who don’t have it every day than to those who can easily order it from a fast food chain.

Today I learned of three new names – Eric, Lazarus, and Janette. Today these three names have been engraved onto my heart. Today I wanted to share friendship more than I ever have before. I wanted sell my belongings and prevent a lifestyle such as these three have from leaking. The cracks of society seem small, but once I was placed in the middle of society and its cracks, I truly saw the enormity of it all. The cracks are vast, wide and absolutely terrifying.

Today I learned that I have amazing, amazing, amazing friends who want to join together and fill the cracks that were caused by the wrong with the right. These friendships alone glow with the love that is needed to help right the wrong.

Today I saw the sun shine in some very dark places. Today I saw a living virus called homelessness spread to the those who haven’t been able to attain everything they’ve ever wanted. Today I saw Justice being Served right in front of my eyes and the exposure was the most incredible experience thus far. Today I learned that I still have so much to learn, and every lesson learned will ultimately put reality into focus on why I am alive.

“We will be Your hands, we will be Your feet.
We will run this race for the least of these.
In the darkest place, we will be Your light.”

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