>Focus and Humility

>My life has become incredibly silent, and in this silence there seems to be much focusing. The focus is clearer on more days than others, but I will keep fighting against the current. I’ve been keeping myself busy with photography as a way of distraction. In my distraction, I keep capturing the little things in nature that I’ve never seemed to notice before. These ‘little things’ happen to have been in my backyard for the past four years that I have lived in my house. I suppose I’ve been so wrapped up in my own life, in my own selfish deeds that I’ve never taken a chance to walk out of my backdoor to see its beauty.

I have discovered twigs that leave me in awe. I have discovered flowers that I never knew existed; and it’s all of this that is drawing me closer to God. These pictures captured are bringing my focus into a clearer vision that God has everything under control. Like, here’s a God who can control galaxies right down to this:

What? We have a God who provides us with random Oranges on trees? We have a God who provides weak stems with strong stems? We even have a God who gives us a beautiful sight of flowers. That’s not even a question -that’s a statement. How can such images be so easily overlooked? Is it just the ‘necessities’ of life that overrides every bit of these things? How can these beautiful, tangible things be found in my own backyard without my acknowledgement from the beginning? Talk about humility at its finest.

And here it is. God’s reminding me that it’s really all in front of me. God’s taking my eyesight (while placing it in front of a camera lens) and telling me to LOOK. To truly, wholeheartedly look. This is what I’ve found. Furthermore, it may be ironic to say that when Corey spoke in front of the Church on Sunday, he kept saying the word ‘focus’ was laid on his heart. I believe, through Corey, God was and is reminding every one of us that maybe, just maybe, if we take our eyes of this fast paced society and actually look, we’ll find something we’ve missed all along. What ever it may be, it could have been there for a couple of days or years, but all God wants you and me to finally focus.

It’s taken a situation, silence and a camera lens for my brake lights to come on, but that’s okay.

“And as I peer off into the distance, watching the sun roll on by; beautiful colors all around me. They’re painted all over the sky. And the same hands that created all of this, well they created you and I. What a beautiful God. Yes, what a beautiful God. What am I that I might be called your child? What am I that you may know me, my King? Yes, what am I?
That you may die and I may live?” – Shawn McDonald

3 thoughts on “>Focus and Humility”

  1. >I. Love. This. I love those moments where you take notice of things that you have seen a thousand times, but never really looked at. Those moments where you find yourself in awe of the beauty around. Those moments where there isn't a single doubt in your mind that God exists. ❤

  2. >Don't you wish you were a little kid again? It was your job to search your back yard and be amazed by the sun shining on every drop of dew on the grass. God is truly amazing, His beauty is everywhere if we just take the time to see it.

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