>The Cullin’s, Mr. Darcy’s and McDreamy’s.

>After reading a blog entry written by Cole NeSmith, I actually took to heart his point. Basically, I caught what he was throwing. I’d suggest reading the entry before reading mine, otherwise you may lose interest quickly or just wonder where my train of thought began.

As you read, Cole’s initial thought on the idea of what television and movies are doing to our mindsets and moral values are nothing short of destructive. Granted, I am a Glee fan and after watching certain episodes, I can safely say that I did turn off the television and wonder why it was deemed so oddly traditional that a man should cheat on his deceiving wife. Not only was this guy cheating on his wife, but the audience should have no further disagreement about it. I will be blatantly honest and say that when whats-his-face kissed sweet whats-her-name, I was happy. There, I said it. It’s wasn’t until I took an entire bite out of what just really happened that I realized it was completely un-biblical and unjustifiable. My bite was not so tasty after all.

Then there is the subject of how we women are so susceptible towards the romance that a male character portrays in a movie. Let’s be honest, we women are completely gripped by the our perception of Edward (Twilight), Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice), McDreamy (Greys Anatomy) – or whomever it is that tickles your fancy – so much so that we swoon. We women seem to have been so “wooed” that are mental state of actually finding a mate becomes this comparison of – “Well, he’s no Edward, but he sure is cute.” Personally, Edward isn’t my forte, but Mr. Darcy is. I even recently updated my status on Facebook to, “Mr. Darcy…. if only you weren’t a fictionalized character”. Unsurprisingly, a few of my girl friends responded with their ‘oo’s and awes’. Mr. Darcy’s character has obviously had his affect on other girls, too.

There is a chance that this all really has to do with the issue that I’m single and I have time to waste on these fictional characters. However, the fact of the matter is that if I keep delving into these highly unrealistic expectations of what a guy should be like and nothing less, I don’t believe I’ll ever have my high expectations remotely touched. The strangest thought of it all, is that we have almost been programmed to believe this from every princess movie that we have been placed in front of in our childhood. Now, I do not want to come across as this cynical woman who has yet to find tangible love – besides God – and that this tangible love just does not exist… because it does. You can certainly find it in relationships that have their foundation on God and His Word. I want this reiteration of Cole’s words, from a female perspective, to simply say that if we keep putting our trust into these lead roles that actors are paid to portray, we’re missing the bigger picture.

The following quote is overly used, but seems to fall on deaf ears far too often:

“A girl’s heart should be so lost in God, that a man must seek Him in order to find her.”

Why is there so much truth in this statement, yet it’s ignored in our daily lives as single women?

Even if the sing-alongs and the fairytales seem much more alluring, this option seems more logical and can save us from the countless heartbreaks we tend to endure along the way. Let’s stop being so easily persuaded by television shows that warp morals, and hunky men with great acting skills. As long as we’re on the right path, God has everything aligned in our life. Our beauty lies in God. No fictional character can fulfill that role. Therefore, there really is no need for the Edward Cullin’s, Mr. Darcy’s and the McDreamy’s to clog our pretty little minds.

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