>An Unquestionable Importance

>First and foremost, I would love to thank my new followers: Yesenia, Where the Hart is, Ragamuffin, Jillian McGrath, Kristi Marie, and Amy! I thank you ladies and your interest in my blog. It is always encouraging in the blogosphere world. Speaking of encouragement and women, I have been recognizing the importance of friendship and how it has been vital in my life recently.

As a 20 year old, I have experienced much heartbreak, and just recently I was thrown into the the thorn bushes of all heartbreak. While the thorns hurt, I am more than blessed and more than grateful to have the most amazing friends to help the process of plucking these little boogers out. My friends are so gentle, so kind, so helpful and most of all, so loving. I just wanted to take this time to write an entry on how amazing they really are.

Chelsea, Holly, April, Jessica, Aretha, Andrea

I love you ladies so much. I just don’t know what I would do without you. I cherish you six ladies, and want to thank you for the encouragement through this gradual process of maturing myself in life and in my relationship with God. I love that you challenge me and keep helping me in my steps toward a better future. Thank you for never giving up on me. I am so happy God has placed you ladies in my life. Again, thank you.

With that, maybe we should all take the time to recognize the significance of our girl friends and to thank them. If you’re one who happens to be uneasy with the idea of having girls as friends in life (I used to be the same exact way), I will be more than happy to be your first female friend. I promise to be there for you and to help you over and through whatever speed bump you encounter. I believe it is an unquestionable importance that we all have our friends to lean on when we figuratively fall into thorn bushes. After all, all we want is, as The Early November would say: “Love, love and happy afternoons” and through friendships we can find this.

3 thoughts on “>An Unquestionable Importance”

  1. >This is precious. Not just because I am a shout out, but because it is a truly lovely post.:)I actually just got done sending out cards to all my good friends that are not at college with me.The response was enough to convince me that I need to do things like that MUCH more often.

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