>A Beat of Encouragement

>Yesterday I received one of the nicest and one of the most encouraging messages ever.

“Just wanted to say I think it’s awesome how on fire for God you are. It’s very rare these days with somebody your age and it makes me smile every time you say you can see God working, because I always could too and that was the best feeling ever. You probably don’t know how many lives you’re affecting, we never do, but you are. It seems like you’re one of God’s favorite tools and that is a beautiful thing. =)”

The incredible thing about this message, though, was the fact that I’ve never known this guy to know God. Yet, after an extensive conversation, I found a dusty heart. I hands down believe God used him for the bit of encouragement I subconciously needed, and in return, God used his words to help me encourage him in dusting off his heart for Him. This made my heart skip a beat.

What a clever and great God I serve.

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