>The weekend my friends made me feel like Paris Hilton.

>Hello, my little tamales. Not only am I back, I am also 21! Time flies when one is walking on the road of life. Nevertheless, I am packed with pictures and ready to show ’em off. Before I begin unraveling these pictures, I must say, I felt like Paris Hilton – my birthday was celebrated every day of the weekend because my friends are that awesome.

Friday night: Small group with my lovelies. We had a tasty Mexican dinner prepared for us by the men:

Why yes, our tummies were full and gassy indeed.

Saturday: The girls and I packed ourselves into my car, with bags nestled tightly in the trunk, and headed to Orlando to spend the day and night. All to welcome my 21st year at precisely 12:00 AM. Apparently, my sneaky, yet such amazing friends had surprises in store. As seen below, I was taken to Graffiti Junktion, Improv and then we walked around the town. Oh, and notice my iPhone ownership-excitement.

Sunday: Possibly my favorite day. The girls and I woke up, went to the mall, then went to lay out by Lake Eola. I even had the chance to snag some great pictures. It was so amazing. Then we finished Sunday with an amazing church service (yes, our church is in Orlando).

And more can be found on my Flickr account off to the side.
Of course, I cannot forget to thank my new followers! Elizabeth, whom I personally know. David, whose posts are full of humor and sweet, Kahea. Thank you, sweets!

4 thoughts on “>The weekend my friends made me feel like Paris Hilton.”

  1. >I'm so unbelievably jealous of your weather. It's currently 50 and rainy, and it's going to stay that way until Monday or Tuesday. FMLAnd thanks for the shoutout! Sorry it took so long to comment, Google Reader wasn't picking up the RSS for some reason :/

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