>Jazzin’ and Stoppin’ My Shoppin’.

>I recently finished a book by the name of Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller, and I am happy to announce that I have a new favorite author (memoirist?). I question memoirist because, while it is a book, it is also written around the incredibly hilarious moments that Miller encounters throughout his life. His life in moments of God encounters, human interactions, hippie living and all-around character building. This is in no way a book review, but rather a synopsis. This also serves nothing more than to highly recommend this book to those who want a good laugh, a jiggle in their belly and a deeper understanding to their relationship with God or lack thereof.

I can personally attest to the “deeper understanding” when I read a specific chapter on money. Miller explained how he was terrible with money at one point-in-time (possibly still struggles, as we all do) and was craving the push of his “pleasure button” by buying a remote controlled car. Well, he had a great friend named Penny and she did one of those Christian-like things by telling Miller that there was a starving child in such-and-such place and by buying this remote controlled car, he was hindering that child’s hope. Excuse my paraphrasing; I will get to my point soon. Then Miller began to explain Penny’s character and how she was quite the selfless one. So much so, that she even stopped shopping for clothes for an entire year – all to make sure that her money was going to those who were starving in such-and-such place.

As I closed off that chapter, I was lost in the thought of Penny and her selfless act. I know it is not a notable selfless act, nothing comparable to running inside of a burning building to save a puppy. However, say that to the person (me) that finds something cheap, justifies the need for it in their (my) life, and makes the purchase almost every time. In getting to my point in a timely manner, I have decided to put a stop on my shopping for an entire year. I am mentally preparing myself for this action because I need to know that I am doing this for the right reason(s). Monthly, I am supporting a child in Northern Uganda for their education; I have bills; tithing to church – which is not my money to begin with – and the small necessities. Thus, my shopping habit can be snipped for a year, because “my” money is supposed to go elsewhere, anyway.

I just want to make myself aware that this habit is cut, ultimately, for God. I do not want it cut for my own reasons, but for the reasons that the money attained is used for Him. As of March 29, 2010, I will not shop for an entire year. I may even drop the time limit. I am plenty blessed with plenty of clothes, so there really is no reason to shop until I get married. Wait, what if that never happens? Oh, boy. Here goes my focusing.

By the way, you should read Blue Like Jazz.

3 thoughts on “>Jazzin’ and Stoppin’ My Shoppin’.”

  1. >clothing fast… grace to you sissypoo, through your abstinence you press into His provision.Luke 12:22-34"…I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear… Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these"

  2. >Yes! And if you start getting antsy then bring over your clothes to my place and we'll start cutting and sewing to create a new look ;)Love ya and stick to your guns here!

  3. >That rocks! Back a few years ago, I was out of a job for about a month and I didn't understand why. Prior to losing that job, I spent money like it meant nothing. Looking back, I think God was showing me that I didn't need to buy clothes and useless crap all the time. It was a little bit of discipline! If you feel like you're gonna fall off the wagon, come over and shop in my closet!

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