>Growing a Green Thumb

>So here is the deal: I want to become someone who has a “green thumb”.

Definition: Someone who is a good gardener, or good at caring for plants is said to have a green thumb.

I know. I know. I am not one for jumping the bandwagon for the going green movement nor am I the one who would rather ride a bicycle to work, rain or shine, every day. Although, these things do sound enticing – my calves would be nicely shaped – it is not logical in my mind. Rather, I have chosen to stick to something that is deemed more realistic and applicable in my life. Thus my green thumb is born. Plus, it would be fantastic to have a new hobby in my life.
I will keep anyone who is remotely interested up-to-date on how I am either keeping these baby leaves thriving and/or killing them. Tickle, the initial mini-plant that churned this idea, recently decided to be in plant heaven (sorry, bubbie… I knew I should not have left you alone for those three days), so I am slightly intimidated. So, starting tomorrow I will be setting a budget and heading to Lowe’s for their plant life selection and to Target for their one dollar gardening tools.

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