>My balance needs a balance

>”When your relationship with God finds a balance, relationships around you find a balance.”

I read this as I was attending church one night, when everyone was split up and told to go to specific subjects that we thought God was trying help us with. I ended up at “Chastity”… for a really long time. As I was honing in on this word “Chastity”, trying to clarify and understand that it really had nothing to do with a metal belt of some sort around my waist, I finally had a small epiphany. It was right after I read the above-mentioned quote that a small marching band in my mind went off. Once my subconscious came to be conscious of the fact that chastity is not so much a focal point of one particular subject in your life (e.g. staying a virgin), but it is also about your relationships with God and between others and the balance intertwined.

Balance. It is this specific word that plays a huge role in my life. Whether it is balancing my relationship with God (as in, finding a healthy balance on the pendulum), balancing my social life with my amazing friends, balancing my family life (“You hate us because you’re always gone.” “No, I do not, mother.”), balancing the check book (How did I accidentally spend that much?), balancing the non-existent relationship I have with a male (those dooming and looming thoughts of the necessity of a boyfriend, then balancing back to the fact that it is not a necessity) – I feel as if I am always teetering. See, even my balance needs a balance. Daunting. Honestly, I think I would feel more at ease if God just shot me with a tranquilizer full of balance.

That would be too easy, though. This whole easy button mentality is not even a healthy one, because, frankly, it does not exist when it comes to God. Remember that part in the Bible when Jesus asked us to pick up our cross and follow Him? Matthew 16:24. That is where the easy button mentality was essentially thrown out of the window. Again, we are not on this road alone – see my post below – but, reiterated, it is a road in which we are maturing in our relationship with God. In this maturing, if we are welcoming the balance of our relationship with God into our lives and genuinely, whole-heartedly seeking this balance – what kind of balance will we see in the relationships around us? Just think about that.

God deserves and should be awarded the first choice of balance, because in pursuing Him, He’ll give us landing gear to a road of understanding how to balance a social life, family life, and a check book. It would be nice to end this with some clever metaphor of how God is our airplane, and He is the only one who can balance us out on this flight; guiding, directing, and restoring balance in every other relationship (including the relationship with your bank account) around us through-and-through.

Okay, that was corny clever, but it will suffice.

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