>Why we "Like".


Why we like the “Like” buttons that list incredibly annoying things on Facebook should be an obvious one. But it may or may not be something that is buried in our subconscious. It is only awakened when we have someone to shake it from the depths of its sleep. I am here to shake it. It will be a small shake, because, like I said, it is an obvious one.
My opinion on the matter is we like the “Like” buttons that list incredibly annoying things (e.g. “I peed my pants in third grade and my life has never been the same”) because there is something relational about this. When we see these certain quotes, certain topics or things that really have no meaning, we feel a tug from our inner gizzards. Now, I’m not quite sure of the location of these gizzards, but I am pretty sure it ignites our subconscious. Take for instance one of the two things I actually like – “I talk/sing to my plants” – slightly embarrassing, but true. Why do I choose to share this with Facebook? Because I can and because it gives me pleasure to know that I am not the only one out there that is a lunatic.

That is it! We are reassured we are not the only ones that feel “this way”. Whether it is through those cheesy/inappropriate quotes (probably something from Twilight or Superbad) or things that we thought we do all on our own (“Walking around in your underwear”) it is quite comforting to not be alone in those awkward habits, and for them to be revealed via Facebook – even better! We are set free from our totally strange ways and we don’t even care. Facebook has become the open door to every good or bad habit we have, whether or not we are annoying the crap out of our friends.

Did I ever mention that I used to have stinky feet? And when I say used to, I mean that my little, stinky problem disappeared. Kaput. Done. Over with. I hope you can relate. If so, we should totally make a group on Facebook.

Or… not.

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