>Pumpkin Spice Latte’s & Maturation.

>As the warmth of my pumpkin latte clothed my throat like a sweater, I realized that I needed to bump up my A/C (I live in Florida and I am drinking a hot latte) and I had a slight taste of reminiscence. Now, I do not know if you are the type of person that has their nostalgic button kicked into high gear when you smell certain scents or when you taste certain things, but that is how my mind works. Well, the pumpkin latte sparked an intense memory that brought me back to just the year before. A year of tribulation and maturation. A year of doors closing and others opening.

I responded to the memory with a sick taste in my mouth – not attributed by the latte, I guarantee that – but quickly I withdrew those tastes with a quick swallow. Then a lump grew in my throat. I almost began to cry in re-adjusting my focus on, not my failures and faults, but on how far I have come. Not in the length of time “far”, but in the sense of maturity in myself, my actions, my thoughts and my all around being.

I saw myself just a year ago as that someone who repeatedly ignored the request from God to let Him be my entire focus. It took a lot of regrets and pains in order for this shift came into place. My heart came to Him covered in scars and my mind quite weary. Now that the scars are fading and my mind has at last made its way to victory and freedom, it has begun to weave a web of a beautiful story.

It’s funny that I do not have these recollections without the help of a pumpkin latte or a specific scent. I suppose that is what keeps my story from being null and void. It helps the little runner of my mind jog these memories without growing tired. I now begin to wonder what I will think back on with next years sip of a pumpkin latte. Overall, what I am saying is that… pumpkin spice latte’s help mature your character. Well, spiced with God, too.

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