>Campaigns rotting brains

>I just lived in my head for an entire week. I am not even kidding. Somehow, I managed to grind my vocal cords to a screeching halt and they were fed up with me. This is also known as Laryngitis. My vocal cords packed their bags and left town for a week, leaving me to a week of silence with interruptions of intense brochial-like coughs. Well, in my many days of silence, I was also out of work. I quickly began to smell the onset of cabin fever, so I would take a drive around. Unable to sing songs, I began taking notice of my surroundings as I drove. Do you know what I took notice of?

Campaign signs. They were everywhere. It was as if the sky opened up one day, dropped out every campaign sign for every person running for this office or that office. I then began the thought process (because I could not talk to myself outloud) on how stupid all of the campaign signs/politics are and asked myself: why do those who run for some kind of office spend their energies and monies on advertisements such as campaign signs? All different shapes and sizes, but still they say the same thing. None of them have neon lights, so the darkness that falls on them does not even give them a helping hand. The signs do nothing but serve as a nesting place for bugs. I bet it’s a local hang out for them.

I think what gets me most, is that the amount of money put towards the signs could actually be used to help the community – ligitimate help. Help that does not have to be taken back and tossed into a shredder for recycling after election season. This is where politicians of every sort become incredibly dubious to me. I do not see them as selfless, loving, trustworthy citizens that they make themselves out to be. I see the exact opposite. The T.V. advertisements, the billboards, the signs in every size, the shirts, the buttons, the glitter and glam – it means nothing if there is nothing to show for it.

Politicians should show their character through actions in actually helping out the public they are wanting to serve. Instead of filming the latest backfire against their rival, maybe they can join a charity that they truly care about and covertly volunteer. I would rather find out about their scandelous affair of secretly helping out the homeless rather than their money laundering and infidelities.

But that is just me. Me, the same person who used to fire arrows of hate towards the opposing point-of-view when it came to politics. Now, I cannot stand the political garbage. Sure it is nice to be up-to-date, but I should remain at a safe distance when it comes to politics these days. My arrows have since been changed to loving and have been dispersed towards things that actually matter in my life.

I suppose those are my inner thoughts towards politicians and to those who camp alongside of the campaigns like it is Woodstock 2010. Instead of drugs rotting brains, it’s more likely that campaigns are rotting brains this time around.

But now that my voice is back in town, the cough remains, I am going to invest its time into work – “Thank you for calling Rooth Law Firm.”

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