>Comfort in Stars and Sunsets

>How do you explain to your parents that you do not have to climb the corporate ladder in order to obtain God’s love?

You don’t. Not even in a million words. Instead I choose to become numb and shut down to their ceaseless arguments of how “I need to make myself into someone” or “I need to rely on myself in life”. Though, sometimes my shut down has a few spats of retorts, because I cannot make them really believe that I buy into their idea of this corporate ladder.

At the time of my thoughts churning on all of this, I was sitting in a parking lot of Target, while on the hood of my car with a pen and paper. I would stop writing every once and a while in order to just glance at the stars. I kept repeating the idea that I really serve a God who cares about me, even when my home life isn’t as ideal as the Brady Bunch. I found it comforting that all I had to do was walk outside and look up and remember there is Someone out there that does not require me to have this formulaic life as the rest of the world. Instead, He has hand picked me to do just the things He wants me to do. Just as He paints the skies everyday at sunset and just as we think He’s done, He gives us stars in the night for entertainment.

Because sometimes we need it. We need to know that we are not alone in our thoughts and our beliefs. The sunsets and the stars that God gives us seem to bring us in and say “You’re never alone”. I needed it so badly last night as I sat underneath them and begged God to know what I was doing wrong and what I was missing. My parents are Christian’s, amazing Christian’s at that, but sometimes we just do not see eye-to-eye when it comes to, for the lack of better words, “letting go and letting God”.

I’m told to provide for myself, to create my own paths and to think for myself. And no matter how many times I’ve told them what God has done in my life because I was not doing these things, it goes overlooked. I know it’s going to take a heart change and for eyes to be opened, but I cannot do that. That is why I say “not even a million words”. I am not the one to do the convincing and thank goodness – that would be draining and would cause a lot of strife.

What it has come to is that ultimately, God has my best interest at heart – because it is His. My parents do, too, of course, but something is still lacking. Through this, I have to be patient, understanding , loving and keep no record of wrongs (or the arguments).

I have seen what God can do in my life and this is another situation where I have to take my hands off and let Him guide again.

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