>Thought Dissipation

>I feel as if my mind is pacing to and fro, searching for something to write about. My thoughts come to me in the car or in the middle of my sleep. I take note of them at the time, before they evaporate amongst the rest of my thoughts. One idea was to write on the concept of friendship/relationship and its importance. Then another was to write based off of the question, “What happens when we are called to live?”

But where did they go? My writing has not been on its tip-toes as it usually is. I am reading great books, which typically inspires and then churns the machinery in my mind. C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” is my most recent read and it is incredibly insightful. His thinking is beyond me; one, as a Christian, can just see how God gave Lewis magnificent outlooks, which he then put on paper.

Since my thoughts are too jumbled or too few, I will say that I do have someone new in my life. He’s a wonderful man; really, just lovely. Also, two of my amazing friends just tied the knot in a wonderful wedding. Honestly, I am just at a very happy point in my life. My relationship with God is becoming more and more focused on a day-to-day basis (I am learning this is a hard thing to do).

I did hear once that “Once your relationship with God finds a balance, everything else in your life will find a balance.” and, honestly, I believe this is a point. A fine point, indeed. In the meantime, my thoughts have dissipated, I suppose I will submit to defeat right now. But until then…  may your thoughts churn and your Holiday’s be wonderful.

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