>His work is good.

>Oh, the road with its marvelous spectacles – like that of a circus – it is always so appealing to the eye. So we say, “Forget the soul! Heart, lead the way. Mere mind, you may only think when the decisions are in agreement with this heart.”

We begin the path, feeling its grooves and its beats. We decide that this is right where we belong, because the craving for such an adventure has gone on for far too long. The craving must be met, and since the lights and the beats reach for our attention, we assume this must be the missing puzzle piece. It is not long afterwards that we’ve reached the road, where the lights are fading and the music seems distant. Forgetful we were in the beginning; the road always leads downward.

Oh, oh, but that’s right… we’ve held onto that rope “just in case”, and we have also left bread crumbs along the trail. So we tug, He pulls and we begin the journey up. Becoming distracted by the attractions again, remembering the fun we had, we let go. Forgetful again, the road ends and no longer do we have the rope to grab and pull. So we follow those bread crumbs we dropped along the way last time.

Along the path, we find the friends we traveled the road with. Too far gone to even see us and our call to travel this new path, they reach for us, but we refuse… we know the bottom, its freezing temperatures and its echos of desperation. The breadcrumbs are the only thing left to help us get back this time, so we say goodbye to the people we brought down with us, knowing we cannot face the bottom again. The wind seems battering closer to the top, but we push through.

Once to the top, we begin to see the scars and the bruises we acquired along the way down. The weight of our decisions sets in and just as we feel them overpowering, the slightest whisper has them flee. “You are mine.” we hear. The soul begins its awakening. The Sewer begins His work. While painful, we know it cannot happen any other way. The scars have faded and the bruises brushed away, there is a newness; a freedom felt. Our longing to belong, the adventure we craved, this is where we begin.

One day we will be made into perfection; one day His work will be done. The thread will feed through one last time and He will place us down, and He will say His work is good.

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