“These children make their way into my dreams at night. With their yellowed, leathery skin, white eyelids, croup like cough and persistent sores, they reflect the consequences of inaction to a catastrophe that was neither sudden, nor a surprise.”
– Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN

As I was praying tonight, every single image I have come across the past couple of weeks made its way into my head, and I began to cry. Like, that deep-seated cry that you get when you have just lost someone. Maybe God was giving me an ounce of what He feels towards the situation. It is a horrific sight that could only break the heart of God, to watch millions of his children march inches, feet, miles for food, water, anything just to survive another hour. I can hear him say that it was never supposed to be like this, these were never his intentions.

And why would we be in such a fret over this? Our stomachs are fed, we are clothed and our beds are made. There is not room for such worry in such a ‘crazy, mixed up world’ when we are O.K..

But man always has to have his way, right? With our formulaic mindsets and little kingdoms we build in place of God. I don’t know. I don’t know how this will all turn out. This is just another blog of cluttered thoughts, picking a fight with America’s mindset and America’s version of Jesus. You know that Jesus, too. It’s the Jesus to majority of American’s that is the Sunday morning, hour-long church service that typically gets left in the parking lot, always waiting to see if we’re really kidding and we will come back to get him.¬†Unfortunately, that majority leaves him standing there, as they’ve gone to continue their leisurely Sunday of newspaper articles, clipped coupons and long naps.

Maybe America is in some kind of downward motion, too. We’re starving our own lives from the knowledge of what is truly happening in other countries and on our own land. We are in such a frenzy to figure out the paradoxical practice of how much money we will spend in order to get out of debt or where Will and Kate went today. In the midst of all of this, from the living rooms of where we watch our televisions and comment on such matters, someone else – I did not say something, but someone, a human being – just lost their life from disease or famine.

I can continue to delve into the cynicism that my flesh holds in a bag, but that will not solve a thing, and however badly I want to take the next plane out to Africa to be there and to pray with them, I am here for now.

So, friends, I am asking that you please, please, please pray/fast for Africa and ask God for protection, rain, food, shelter, hunger for God, and whatever else the Spirit puts on your heart. That is all I’ve got at this point. None of the tragedy in the shape of famine, homelessness, disease is fair… but we’ve chosen this route and prayer is our map back.

Photo Credits: Jon Warren of World Vision.

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